Chemistry & Society

CQE's Commission for Dissemination of Science is constituted by Luísa Margarida Martins (Coordinator), Dulce Simão and Clementina Teixeira.​

CQE in collaboration with DEQ/IST and DQB/FCUL is engaged in the promotion of chemistry, linking the university and the research center to the society. Chemical events, such as hands-on-experiments, exhibitions, chemical shows, publications and guided tours are organized within the Campi and directly in schools/institutions.

Open labs - 1 week for 2100 students, aged 7-17 years old;
Summer at ULisboa – 2 weeks for 2000 students, aged 13-17 years old;
Ciência Viva” – 1 week lab work;
Inspiring Career Camp” – 1day lab work;
Dia do Técnico” – 1 day hands-on activities;
“Olimpíadas da Química” – Dynamic talks with chemical experiments demonstrations;
Reception of groups of school students to Chemical Engineering department.

Dulce Simão is in charge of Promotion and Divulgation of the Chemical Engineering Department of Técnico.  Angela Santos (Comissão de Imagem Externa do DQB) coordinates the actions in FCUL and Ana Paula Carvalho the Olimpíadas de Química

These science divulgation activities allow students to carry out practical work in laboratories and to attend several lectures on a related topic.

Several CQE members @Ciencias have general talks which are offered to high schools, which can be found here.

Clementina Teixeira has been actively engaged in the scientific promotion and communication to the society. You can find her projects in the links of her webpage.

The biomaterials research group participates in the Open Labs and in the European Researchers’ Night.