Publication Type Journal Article
Title Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction, Antioxidant Activity, and Fatty Acid Composition of Bran Oil from Rice Varieties Cultivated in Portugal
Authors Tania I. Pinto Jose A. Coelho Bruna I. Pires N. R. Neng J. M. F. Nogueira Joao C. Bordado Jose P. Sardinha
Year 2021
Month August
Volume 8
Number 8
Abstract Bran of different rice cultivars produced in Portugal were used to study supercritical carbon dioxide extraction conditions of rice bran oil (RBO) and evaluate and compare antioxidant activity and fatty acid composition of the different rice bran varieties. The effect of plant loading (10-20 g), CO2 flow rate (0.5-1.5 L/min), pressure (20-60 MPa), and temperature (40-80 degrees C) was studied. The amount of oil extracted ranged from 11.72\%, for Ariete cultivar, to 15.60\%, for Sirio cultivar. The main fatty acids components obtained were palmitic (13.37\%-16.32\%), oleic (44.60\%-52.56\%), and linoleic (29.90\%-38.51\%). Excellent parameters of the susceptibility to oxidation of the oils were obtained and compare. RBO of Ariete and Gladio varieties presented superior DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging activities, whereas, Minima, Ellebi, and Sirio varieties had the lowest scavenging activities. Moreover, the oil obtained towards the final stages of extraction presented increased antioxidant activity.
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EISSN 2297-8739
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