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3rd edition is coming!!

Spring in coming, and so is the next edition of Science in a Cup. Here is the program for next edition, on May the 13th!


What is
Science in a Cup ?

Chemistry is the foundation of all Research & Development performed at Centro de Química Estrutural. 

Every year, dozens of new students & young researchers come to CQE for their MSc and PhD studies, and their R&D skills grow a lot.

But as the world evolves, so does Science.

The cornerstones of Science include not only R&D but also Communicating. Connecting. Developing soft skills along with those more traditional high skills.

Science in a Cup are a series of  workshops aimed at young CQE researchers that aim to give them a little insight on soft skill development. 

Present your work. Learn how to communicate more efficiently. Engage with your audience. Know your peers.

Welcome to CQE. Connect with CQE.

CQE general mission concerns the strengthening of the contribution of Chemistry to the welfare of Society through high-level Research, Development, Innovation, Transfer of Knowledge, Advanced Training and Teaching activities, building-up scientific and technological skills in both fundamental and oriented/applied research in science and engineering.

The continuing role of CQE in providing state-of-the-art advanced training and qualification of young researchers and post-graduate students is regarded as an essential goal, in an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly important objectives.




CQE researchers are distributed through Ciências Campus @ Campo Grande and Técnico Campuses @ Alameda and CTN. We will be rotating our workshops by all campuses, so you also have an opportunity to know them.

Whether your are new to CQE or have been around for sometime, come meet us.
Bring us your work.
Show us who you are.

Science in a Cup is tailored to the new students coming to CQE. Give us your opinion about what your preferences by answering this quick poll.

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