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8th Edition of the CQENEWS

This is the eighth issue of the CQE newsletter, where you will find the monthly essential news and events related to CQE, filtered directly to your inbox. We renew our appeal to CQE members to let us know about any scientific activity they are involved in or any prizes they are awarded so that it can be mentioned in the next CQE Newsletter.  Also, redirect to us your newly published papers, with a small Graphical Abstract to


Hot topic in Dalton Transactions

A paper by T�nia S. Morais, Jo�o Franco Machado, Maria Jos� Brito and Maria Helena, from Group 4, entitled "New copper(i) complexes selective for prostate cancer cells" has been selected for the themed collection: Dalton Transactions HOT Articles.

CQE will be present at the next Noite Europeia dos Investigadores (NEI) � European Researchers Night. This is an initiative funded by the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 program, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), which aims at bringing researchers and citizens closer together. A call for contributions is now open. Participation in this initiative can be submitted as:

1� Individual activities from, research groups, projects, etc., may be submitted in the form of videos, events, quizzes, etc. Submit your proposal at

DEADLINE: October 15


​​2- Small contributions that can be integrated on the CQE page at NEI: Submit your proposal at:

DEADLINE: November 1.


3� 90s Video Pitch

a) Next 20 of October, the CCI will visit the FCUL and IST laboratories to collect testimonies from researchers.

b) Participate by preparing your small pitch movie and sends the film by email until November 1.

​For each of these two options, the researchers should try to answer the following questions:

       Who / Name / City / Country?

       Where / Research Group?

       When / Since when you are at IST/FCUL?

       What / Research Area?

       Why / What is the problem you are trying to solve?

       How / Results / Achievements / Projects?

       How much / Impact of your research in society?

       What is the biggest challenge you face as a researcher?


PS: Send a copy of your submissions to Ermelinda Macoas, Ana Paula Carvalho and Ana Mourato.

Calls for Papers for Special Issues Edited by CQE Researchers

Target-Specific Delivery of Gold and Ruthenium Complexes to Cancer Cells: Where Are We?

Guest Editors: Dr. T�nia S. Morais, Dr. Jo�o Galamba Correia

(Deadline: 31 March 2021)

Metallodrugs, Metallopharmaceuticals and Bio-Inspired Metal-organic Frameworks

Guest Editor: Dr. V�nia Andr�


(Dead line: 31 January 2021)

Nanoporous Carbon: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

Guest Editors: Dr. Ana S. Mestre, Prof. Dr. Ana P. Carvalho


(Deadline: 31 January 2021)

Photofunctional Molecular Magnets: Development and Their Potential Applications

Guest Editors: Dr. Laura Pereira, Dr. Bernardo Monteiro, Dr. Cl�udia Pereira

(Deadline: 31 January 2021)

Solid-State of Organic Pharmaceutical Compounds

Guest Editor: Dr. C.E.S. Bernardes


(Deadline: 31 January 2021)

Selective Chelators for Metals on Cells and Cancer Chemotherapy

Guest Editor: Dr. Lu�s M. T. Frija

(Dead line: 15 December 2020)

Catalytic Conversion of Carbohydrates

Guest Editor: Dr. Ana Cristina Fernandes

(Deadline: 15 December 2020)

Design and Synthesis of Antibacterial Heterocycle-Based Compounds

Guest Editor: Dr. Lu�s M. T. Frija


(Deadline: 15 December 2020)

The Realm of Pharmaceutical Multicomponent Forms

Guest Editors: Dr.  Mafalda Cruz Sarragu�a, Dr. V�nia Andr�


(Deadline:  30 November 2020)

Glycomimetics and Glycoconjugates in Drug Discovery

Guest Editors: Dr. Nuno M. Xavier, Prof. Peter R. Andreana


(Deadline: 31 October 2020)

Latest Papers

New copper(I) complexes selective for prostate cancer cells

J.F. Machado, D. Sequeira, F. Marques, M.F.M. Piedade, M.J.V. Brito, M.H. Garcia, A.R. Fernandes, T.S. Morais

Dalton Trans. 202049, 12273.


New members of the polynuclear manganese family: Mn II2Mn III2 single-molecule magnets and MnII3 MnIII8 antiferromagnetic complexes. Synthesis and magneto structural correlations

N.R. Concei��o, O.V. Nesterova, C. Rajn�k, R. Boča, A.J.L. Pombeiro, M.F.C.G. Silva, D.S. Nesterov

Dalton Trans. 2020in press.

Electrochemical asymmetric synthesis of biologically active substances

A.M.F. Phillips, A.J.L. Pombeiro

Org. Biomol. Chem. 202018, 7026.

Dual drug delivery from hydrophobic and hydrophilic intraocular lenses: in-vitro and in-vivo studies

A. Topete, J. Tang, X. Ding, H.P. Filipe, J.A. Saraiva, A.P. Serro, Q. Lin, B. Saramago

J. Control. Release 2020326, 245.

Development of free binder zirconia-based pastes for the production of dental pieces by robocasting

I. Rodrigues, M. Guedes, S. Olhero, A. Chefdor, A.C. Branco, M. Leite, A.P. Serro, C.G. Figueiredo-Pina

J. Manuf. Process. 202057, 1.

Highly Efficient Singlet Oxygen Generators Based on Ruthenium Phthalocyanines: Synthesis, Characterization and in vitro Evaluation for Photodynamic Therapy

J.T. Ferreira, J. Pina, C.A.F. Ribeiro, R. Fernandes, J.P.C. Tom�, M.S. Rodr�guez‐Morgade, T. Torres

Chem. Eur. J. 202026, 1789.

Tribological performance of the pair human 12273teeth vs 3D printed zirconia: An in vitro chewing simulation study

A.C. Branco, R. Silva, H. Jorge, T. Santos, K. Lorenz, M. Polido, R. Cola�o, A.P. Serro, C.G. Figueiredo-Pina

J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater.  2020110, 103900.

Interfacial Stress and Container Failure During Freezing of Bulk Protein Solutions Can Be Prevented by Local Heating

A. Duarte, P. Rego, A. Ferreira, P. Dias, V. Geraldes, M.A. Rodrigues

AAPS PharmSciTech  202021, Article number: 251.

A State-of-the-Art Review on the Wear of the Occlusal Surfaces of Natural Teeth and Prosthetic Crowns

A.C. Branco, R. Cola�o, C.G. Figueiredo-Pin, A.P. Serro

Materials 2020, 13, 3525.

Effects of Starch Incorporation on the Physicochemical Properties and Release Kinetics of Alginate-Based 3D Hydrogel Patches for Topical Delivery

S. Bom, C. Santos, R. Barros, A.M. Martins, P. Paradiso, R. Cl�udio, P.C. Pinto, H.M. Ribeiro, J. Marto

Pharmaceutics  2020, 12, 719.

Molecular Dynamics Insights and Water Stability of Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents Aided Extraction of Nitenpyram from an Aqueous Environment

N. Paul, P.K. Naik, B.D. Ribeiro, P.S. Gooh Pattader, I.M. Marrucho, T. Banerjee

J. Phys. Chem. B   2020, 124, 7405.

Non-destructive corrosion study on a magnesium alloy with mechanical properties tailored for biodegradable cardiovascular stent applications

C. Cai, M.M. Alves, R. Song, Y. Wang, J. Li, M.F. Montemor  

J. Mater. Sci. Technol. 2020, 66, 128.

Luminescent halogen-substituted 2-(N-arylimino)pyrrolyl boron complexes: the internal heavy-atom effect

A.I. Rodrigues, P. Krishnamoorthy, C.S.B. Gomes, N. Carmona, R.E. Di Paolo, P. Pander, J. Pina, J. S�rgio Seixas de Melo, F.B. Dias, M.J. Calhorda, A.L. Ma�anita, J. Morgado, P.T. Gomes    

Dalton Trans. 2020, 49, 10185.

Synthesis and structural characterization of diorganotin(IV) complexes with heteroditopic pyridyl-ONO′-ligands

T.S. Basu Baul, M.R. Addepalli, A. Lyčka, S. van Terwingen, M. F�tima C. Guedes da Silva     

Inorganica Chim. Acta 2020, 512, 119892.

Antimicrobial Activities of Highly Bioavailable Organic Salts and Ionic Liquids from Fluoroquinolones

M.M. Santos, C. Alves, J. Silva, C. Florindo, A. Costa, �. Petrovski, I.M. Marrucho, R. Pedrosa, L.C. Branco     

Pharmaceutics 2020, 12.

Latest Books

Microwave-assisted synthesis of fluoroorganics

A.M.F.Phillips,  A.J.L. Pombeiro

In �Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Science: Microwaves in Organic Synthesis�

Editors: Dr. Inamuddin, R, Boddula, A. Asiri; Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2020, Chapter 10, 415�488.

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