Project from J.P. Leal in TOP 3 of H-INNOVA award

The project "DISTINCTIVE - 4D printing customized implantable medical devices for reconstructive surgery", in which João Paulo Leal from CQE group 2 participates, was distinguished as TOP 3 of the 2nd Edition of H-INNOVA Health Innovation AWARD (2020-2025). This project brings together the experience and competence of medical doctors from various specialties, chemists and biologists to obtain devices to be used in reconstructive surgery.

The H-INNOVA - Health INNOVATION Award® aims to promote: innovation in health; development of projects with potential to create new business models, new products and new services; the acceleration of STARTUPS in the Hospital's physical and virtual environment; the transfer of knowledge through close cooperation between the main Universities, Research Centers, Hospitals and Organizations and bringing the academic and business reality closer together.

Published/edited: 08/10/2021