Prof. Fraústo da Sílva passed away

CQE sadly announces the death of one of  its founders, Prof. Fraústo da Sílva, who died on Friday in Lisbon, aged 88, victim of a respiratory illness. Born in Tomar on 1933, João Fraústo da Silva, graduated in Chemical and Industrial Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. He was the first rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (1973-1975) and also presided over the Instituto Nacional de Administração. From 1982 to 1983, he served as Minister of Education and Universities. 

Fraústo da Silva is the author of six books and ten didactic manuals, three theses, more than 180 scientific articles published in specialized national and foreign journals, around 40 studies, reports and articles on problems of education and science policies, several patents and about 180 communications presented to national and international congresses.


Published/edited: 15/06/2022