Open candidatures for Structure Determination course

CANDIDATURES OPEN: Course in #StructureDetermination coordinated by Alexandra Antunes and Vânia André, from Instituto Superior Técnico. Also with the participation of trainers Joaquim Marçalo, Conceição Oliveira, Leonor Maria, Maria João Ferreira, Auguste Fernandes and Ermelinda Maçôas,

The Structure Determination course is an opportunity to acquire multifaceted skills on different techniques used to solve structural elucidation problems. In this course, you will learn, from theory to practice, the techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance (#NMR) of solids and solution, mass spectrometry (#MS), vibrational spectroscopy (#infrared and #Raman) and #X-ray diffraction in powders and single crystals. It is a unique opportunity not only to learn how to interpret the information generated by each of the techniques and how to integrate that information, but also to learn about the experimental requirements and limitations of each of the techniques.

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Published/edited: 11/04/2022