CQE Days 2020 on Twitter

The annual CQE meeting, CQE Days 2020, will be held on May 28 and 29, on Twitter. The CQE Meeting in embedded in the spirit of a new mindset for new results. As such, the new CQE meeting will be presented in Twitter, and because Twitter is a worldwide platform, CQE will be immediately available to the world, where the work developed in our excellency center can be extensively disseminated to strength and cross fertilize important collaborations across the globe.

This event will be organized in 12 different session that align with the research performed in our center. The best 4 and more mediatic research works will be discussed among colleagues, and with whom would like to join from all over the world. Three distinguished works will receive a prize to further engage in the worldwide dissemination of the excellency research performed in CQE.

This event is on! Worldwide!! In the comfort of your home!!

Published/edited: 13/05/2020