Chemforum at FCUL

Chemforum will now be held in FCUL and IST. Vânia André will give a talk in FCUL on the 19th of February at 14:00.

Vânia is a researcher at CQE with very specific areas of expertise: Crystal Engineering, Supramolecular Chemistry, Mechanochemistry and Crystallography. Vânia published 76 papers in international journals with peer review and was involved in 2 patents. Regarding students’ enrollments, she has (co-)supervised 1 PhD and 3 Master students, as well as several students in short-term trainings. She is currently the principal investigator of a project (ACFs) funded by FCT/FEDER/Portugal2020/Lisboa2020. In an international level, she is a national representative and a member of the core group of COST Action CA18112 (MechSustInd).

Since 2006, she is focused on applying Crystal Engineering and Supramolecular Chemistry towards improving crystal forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Currently she is developing antibiotic coordination frameworks (ACFs) for enhanced antimicrobial activity. She is involved in the design, synthesis and characterization of the novel compounds and always keeps in mind the application in pharmaceutical industry. 

Published/edited: 14/02/2020