Alexandra Antunes on Explica-me como se tivesse cinco anos

Alexandra Antunes will be the next host scientist of Explica-me como se tivesse cinco anos. Saturday, the 24th July from 11-12 h, online. Explica-me como se tivesse cinco anos are science conversations for curious children and adults, aimed at youngsters, and opening the doors to learn about Técnico's research. Conversations take place on Saturdays and are broadcast live on Facebook.

Alexandra Antunes - How to make magic potions?
With a cauldron or a chemical reactor? With exotic ingredients like bat wings, or with molecules? And what is a molecule? Is a medicine a magic potion? And how are molecules used to make medicines? What happens when we take a drug? How can we take a drug safely? Alexandra Antunes will guide us through the answers to these questions. Send your questions – or those of your children – by email (in writing or by audio to, indicating your name and age, until the day before the program or put the question live in the comments box of the live broadcast on



Published/edited: 23/07/2021