7 CQE researchers awarded project funding

On November the 6th Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) published the list of projects recommended for funding on its last call for "Projetos IC&DT em todos os domínios científicos". The budget, 75 M€, will be distributed among 312 projects from a total of 3317 applications evaluated. The success rate was 9.4%. Within the awarded were 7 CQE researchers: Ana Cristina Fernandes, Ana Mestre Homem, Fátima Montemor, Isabel Correia, João Canário, Marina Kirilova and Tânia Morais. In the call most of the PIs were men (56.7%), a tendency that was not followed in CQE, as 6 out of 7 of the awardees were women. The projects are in different fields, such as catalysis, medicinal chemistry or environmental sciences. Congratulations to all. 

Ana Mestre Homem – Engineered and reusable nanoporous carbons for advanced water treatment 

Ana Cristina Fernandes  - Development of cost efficient methodologies for the reductive depolymerization and valorization of plastic waste

Fátima Montemor - Self healing electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors: a new path to enable electrochemical energy storage.

Isabel Correia - Novel nanoplataforms for targeting melanoma with 8-hydroxyquinoline metal complexes

João Canário – Mercury biogeochemistry, fate and impact in permafrost thaw ecosystems

Marina Kirilova – Hydrothermal catalysis & methane reactions for life

Tânia Morais – Ruthenium peptide conjugates: arrows for selectively targeting breast cancer  

Published/edited: 18/11/2020