Nano4fresh - Nanomaterials for an environmentally friendly and sustainable handling of perishable products  

PRIMA S2 2019 - PRIMA/0015/2019 - Principal Investigator


Cat4GtL - Continous Catalytic reactor for the Gas-to-Liquid process using NETmix technology  - Colab Net4CO


ZeolCat Laboratory

Design of tailored porous materials, particularly zeolites, and catalysts for sustainable catalytic and adsorption systems.

Applications range from pollutants removal to novel circular reactions, passing by the compliance of traditional refining, petrochemistry and fine chemistry process with green chemistry. 

Multiple experimental and computational techniques are developed and applied to understand and design efficient catalysts. A variety of tailored porous materials can be synthesized in-house which are characterized in-depth via multiple techniques, including in-situ and operando UV-Vis and FTIR.

The catalysts evaluation is tuned to the reaction via different scales and reactor configurations (including photocatalytic conditions). Catalysis informatics tools, such as data science and kinetic modelling, are applied to better understand the catalyst action and optimize design.