Holger Hintelmann

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06 Chemistry for the Environment

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Holger Hintelmann is a Professor appointed to the Department of Chemistry and to the School of the Environment at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. He is internationally recognized for research on the speciation and fate of metals in the environment, in particular mercury. His group pioneered the analysis of Hg isotope fractionation in nature using multicollector ICP-MS and is exploring the fractionation of mercury isotopes in the environment to unravel the biogeochemical cycling of mercury. The use of mercury isotope fingerprints in particular, holds great potential to track mercury from pollution sources to remote locations. He also applies isotope enriched Hg to trace environmental processes such as Hg methylation and demethylation. Dr. Hintelmann is involved in a number of large field studies on the fate of metals in ecosystems from the Arctic to the Amazon, incl. METAALICUS (Hg), LENS (Ag-nanoparticles) and CARA (Hg). He has authored over 150 peer-review papers and book chapters, and has served on several Scientific Committees and Advisory Boards for various research networks.