Conference chairman
Prof. Armando J.L. Pombeiro
Technical University of Lisbon

Scientific Program

General Areas

- Activation of small molecules
- C-H and C-C bond activation and functionalization
- Metal-mediated synthesis
- Catalysis
- Organometallic and green chemistry
- Polynuclear and supramolecular assemblies
- Polymers
- Organometallics for materials
- Bioorganometallic and bioinorganic chemistry
- Fundamental organometallic chemistry
- Reaction mechanisms
- Theoretical and physical methods
- Electrochemistry
- Organometallics related chemistry

The Scientific Program, within all the fields of Organometallic Chemistry and related areas of other sciences (see above), includes the following types of contributions: (i) oral, (ii) poster and (iii) poster with flash oral presentation.

The delegates are asked to indicate their preferable mode of presentation, although the final selection will have to take into account the scientific program and facilities layout.

The Invited Speakers will address a wide diversity of modern topics and trends by presenting their research as (i) Plenary, (ii) Keynote, (iii) Special (Satellite) or (iii) JOM (J. Organometal. Chem.) symposium lectures.

Plenary and Keynote lectures are arranged according to the normal patterns, whereas the special satellite and JOM lectures are planned towards additional aims, as follows.

Special ( "satellite") sessions, with contributions from both senior and younger researchers, are addressed to the promotion of cooperation among various countries, including the host one, for which particularly promising conditions have been recognized, and to attract the attention of the other countries. Hence, they are naturally open to all the participants who are welcome to join the establishment of expected collaborations.

Moreover, a symposium, the JOM Symposium, sponsored by Elsevier, and a special issue of the Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, both coordinated by Prof. Richard D. Adams, will be dedicated to the memory of Professor Gordon Stone. All conference participants are invited to contribute to this issue.

ICOMC 2012 Program


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