Conference chairman
Prof. Armando J.L. Pombeiro
Technical University of Lisbon

Jubilee Celebration

The XXV ICOMC concerns the silver edition (25th) and the gold year (the 50th since the 1st one, 1963 in Cincinnati) of this series of Conferences, and a Jubilee Celebratory Medal and Book are being prepared.

Silver/Gold Jubilee Medal

A medal (in bronze, plated with pure silver, 80 mm diameter x 5 mm thickness) is being coined, in high-relief and two colors (silver and golden) bearing, in the front face, the ferrocene logo of the XXV ICOMC, and, in the reverse, the names of the places where all the ICOMCs were held and the Chatt-Dewar-Duncanson MO model of ethylene coordination, a relevant symbol of the development of the Organometallic Chemistry science.

Those who would like to purchase this medal are kindly requested to inform the Secretariat of the Conference by July 15th, in order to book his/her copy(ies) (price of 22 euros/each, payable at the Conference registration desk):

ICOMC 25 Jubilee Medal

Silver/Gold Jubilee Celebratory Book

This Book deals with hot topics of Organometallc Chemistry, of high current interest and prospect, to be edited by A. J. L. Pombeiro and with contributions of renowned authors in the fields, and published by a major international Publisher. Further details will be given in due course.


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