Conference chairman
Prof. Armando J.L. Pombeiro
Technical University of Lisbon

Abstract Submission

Extension of deadline for abstract submission (poster presentation) to June 15th


Each participant is entitled to submit a maximum of two abstracts, instead of one, provided they concern different scientific areas and different modes of presentation (oral, poster with flash presentation or poster)

Please note that the access credentials for the ICOMC25 Abstract Submission platform are different from those used for the ICOMC25 Registration. In order to login to ICOMC2012 Abstract Submission platform, please first obtain the proper credentials at the link below.

Click here to enter to ICOMC2012 Abstract Submission platform


Guidelines summary
- Please read carefully Guidelines for Abstract preparation provided in template as well as the Guidelines for the ICOMC2012 Abstract Submission platform found at the field "Guidelines" of the Abstract Submission platform;

Download template for Abstract preparation here

- The provided template can only be used for the preparation/viewing of your draft, but not for its submission. Please note that the final aspect of the Abstract (e.g. text size, image size, formatting, margins etc.) will be adjusted during the compilation of the Book of Abstracts;
- Abstract should be constructed online using ICOMC2012 Abstract Submission platform by copying the parts of your Abstract (created externally in WORD or similar software) to the corresponding windows of the Abstract Submission page. The length of the abstract is limited to a maximum of 2500 characters including spaces. Tables, figures, references and acknowledgements will count as text and are included in the maximum number of 2500 characters;
- Authorís Affiliation (Company/University) within Abstract should only include essential information such as the Institution name, City and Country. All other information should be added to the Registration form. E-mail address of the Presenter should also be provided. If necessary to add more than one email (for example, if a Corresponding Authorís email is different from Presenterís email), please add both of them to the "Contact email field" of the Submission system, and keep only Presenterís email in the field "Email of Presenter";
- Structural formulae, equations, schemes, and figures should be submitted as a single image through the corresponding field of the Submission system. It should be of a jpeg type (max 5Mb size), and of a sufficient quality for direct reproduction. During formatting, this image will be adjusted as 15x5cm frame (in order to achieve a best fit, please prepare your image considering 1:3 ratio between height and width). Please note that an image counts as 500 characters.


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