Conference chairman
Prof. Armando J.L. Pombeiro
Technical University of Lisbon

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Symposium in honour of Fernando Ramoa Ribeiro
"Catalysis: From the Active Site to the Process"

8–9 October, 2012, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal

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International Conference "Catalysis in Organic Synthesis" (ICCOS-2012)
and the Post-conference Symposium "Frontiers of Organometallic Chemistry" (FOC-2012)

[Logo] ICCOS-2012

ICCOS-2012: 15–20 September, 2012, Moscow, Russian Federation
FOC-2012: 21–22 September, 2012, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

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The 19th International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC 2012)

8–12 July, 2012, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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The 40th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC 40)

9–13 September, 2012, Valencia, Spain

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