Corrosion Science and Surface Engineering (CSSE)


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Group Coordinator: João Salvador Fernandes



The Corrosion Science and Surface Engineering Group (CSSE) has been dedicated to R&D in the areas of Electrochemistry, Corrosion Science and Engineering, and Functionalization of surfaces and interfaces. The main targets are to increase the knowledge on the mechanisms and kinetics of corrosion processes and to develop materials with advanced properties and higher performance, for industrial applications, namely in Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Medicine and Energy storage.

CSSE has a long record of publications and excellent international indicators. The facilities to develop the R&D activities include a fully equipped electrochemistry lab, where most of the modern tools are available and are underpinned by strong skills in the manipulation of analytical and microscopic tools. The localized electrochemistry laboratory of the group is one of the most advanced in the world and a lot of pioneering works have been developed.

The group research lines are Corrosion, Energy Storage, Applied Electrochemistry, Surface Functionalization and Nanomaterials, in collaboration with industrial partners from aeronautics, automotive, biomedical, oil & gas and energy sectors. Internationalization is an important factor, particularly in the frame of European funded projects, joint PhD training and industrial contracts



I Increased durability of materials by using protective surface layers and adhesives;

II Tailoring of smart coatings for specific purposes;

III Engineering of supercapacitors using aqueous electrolytes, alternative to the less environmentally friendly organic liquids;

IV Design of nanoparticles for multipurpose applications, using low-cost and low-impact syntheses procedures.